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Tech Solutions in Far-Out Places

Popular Science  |  October 2004
An ode to the Thuraya 7101 Satphone.

20th Century Horrors, Exhumed

Los Angeles Times  |  August 15, 2004
The Stone Fields: An Epitah for the Living. By Courtney Angela Brkic

The Triumph of the Quiet Tycoon

The New York Times Magazine  |  August 2, 2004
This is a bad time to be a big-spending Russian oil billionaire. But Vagit Alekperov has figured out how to beat the system — you just play by Putin’s rules.

What’s In Your Gadget Bag?

Gizmodo  |  May 3, 2004
A War Correspondent’s Digital Gear

The Counterinsurgent

The New York Times Magazine  |  January 11, 2004
Major John Nagl was a leading military scholar on how to fight a resistance. But could he make his ideas work on the ground in Iraq?

The Ground They Fight On

War: USA, Afghanistan, Iraq  |  January 2004

New Deal

The New Republic  |  December 22, 2003
On North Korea, the United States needs an alternative to the hawks’ belligerent rhetoric and the doves’ optimistic engagement. Fortunately, one is available.

Enemy Combatants

The New York Times Magazine  |  December 15, 2002
Ideas of 2002

Thunder Run

The New York Times Magazine  |  December 14, 2003

Project Eyes

The New York Times Magazine  |  December 14, 2003
New tools for an occupation.

The Last Emperor

The New York Times Magazine  |  October 19, 2003
Kim Jong Il, the world’s most dangerous dictator, has always been a figure surrounded by mystery and myth. But, from defectors and former aides, a portrait is emerging of family dysfunction, palace intrigue and imperial menace.

The Race to Baghdad

Outside  |  July 2003
This spring, a quarter of a million Americans took a trip. It was noisy, hot, and violent. Accommodations were poor. Some of them didn’t come back.

Meet the New Boss

The New York Times Magazine  |  June 8, 2003
Dathar Khashab had what it took to maneuver his way up through the ranks in Saddam Hussein’s oil bureaucracy. When his new managers showed up wearing U.S.-issue fatigues, he didn’t miss a step.

Salam Pax Is Real

Slate  |  June 2, 2003
How do I know Baghdad’s famous blogger exists? He worked for me.

Trying to Rebuild Iraq, While Watching Their Backs

The New York Times  |  May 11, 2003

Back-Room Theocrat

The New York Times Magazine  |  May 11, 2003
Moqtadah al-Sadr wants an Iraq run by God’s laws. But first he has to outsmart his rivals, outmaneuver the Americans and get Iraq’s millions of Shiites behind him.


The New Republic  |  May 3, 2003
Dispatch from Baghdad

“Good Kills”

The New York Times Magazine  |  April 20, 2003
To get to Baghdad, the marines of the Third Battalion fought the old-fashioned way—by shooting as many of the enemy as they could. Their victims weren’t all soldiers.

Soldier of Misfortune

The New York Times Magazine  |  April 13, 2003

Hungry Road

The New York Times  |  April 6, 2003
Food, Too, Can Be a Weapon of the War In Iraq.


The New Republic  |  March 31, 2003
Dispatch from Kuwait

If a Terror Suspect Won’t Talk, Should He Be Made To?

The New York Times  |  March 8, 2003
Security and retribution in a murky world.

When Al Qaeda Calls

The New York Times Magazine  |  February 2, 2003
An Arab journalist’s close encounter with terrorists.

Remember Sarajevo

The Digital Journalist  |  January 2003
A photographic reminder of evil.

A Bulletproof Mind

The New York Times Magazine  |  November 10, 2002
The Special Forces are being engineered not only for the traumas of battle but also for its aftermath.

Dirty War

The New Republic  |  November 2002
How America’s friends really fight terrorism.

Journalists and Justice at The Hague

The New York Times  |  July 5, 2002

Climbing Lessons from the School of Tomaz Humar

Outside  |  June 2002
#1 You must merge with the energy of the mountain. #2 That nagging headache may be an avalanche that crushed your tent. #3 You will ascend the most harrowing face in the Himalayas, alone. #4 Go home, break both legs, and start over again.

Gul Agha Gets His Province Back

The New York Times Magazine  |  January 6, 2002
It’s kissing the ring, cash stuffed in envelopes and bloody lawlessness again in Kandahar. The warlord has returned.

Paying for the Powell Doctrine

Dissent  |  January 2002
The illusions and delusions behind 200,000 deaths in Bosnia.

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