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Another Day in the Drop Zone

Outside  |  July 2000
They fly into lands of hunger and madness, dispensing food while warlords dispense terror from the barrel of a gun. They trade safety and comfort for the sharp edge of altruism, predictable careers for the daily bread of death and disease. They’re relief workers on the front lines–and once they’re hooked, they can never go home again.

Open Sesame

The New Republic  |  June 12, 2000
North Korea opens up.

Is Prayer the Best Medicine?

Talk  |  June 2000
At Duke University, researchers are testing a time-honored and potentially explosive premise: that prayer, even from the other side of the world, can actually help heal the sick.

Court Martial

The New Republic  |  March 13, 2000
An Islamic militia gains ground in Somalia.

James Nachtwey’s Inferno

George  |  December 1999
For more than a decade, photographer James Nachtwey has chronicled the war zones of the world—Rwanda, Bosnia and Chechnya among them. Now, a new book, Inferno, brings us his vision of hell on earth.

Serbia on the Couch

Talk  |  December 1999
Tijana Mandic was the therapist of choice for Belgrade’s cultural elite. Then a war-scarred veteran came under her care, and the horror of his battles in the Balkans began to haunt her dreams.

Get Ready, Here Comes the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle

The New York Times Magazine  |  September 26, 1999
Star Wars missile defense: the sequel.

To Enter Heaven, Click Here

Talk  |  September 1999
Isaac Tigrett wants to do good. But can he do well?

I Am Elena. You Will Fly Now.

Outside  |  July 1999
There, up there in the Arizona sky! It’s the cream of the once-mighty Soviet machine! Now pulling G’s at an airport near you.

Balkan War Criminals: The Most Wanted

George  |  June 1999
The war in Yugoslavia is so complicated that it’s sometimes hard to tell the players without a scorecard. Well, here it is—a list of the Balkans’ bad guys.

Let’s Not Forget Milosevic’s Partner in Crime

The New York Times  |  May 31, 1999

Milosevic, the Perfect Dictator

The New York Times  |  May 3, 1999

Rudy Awakening

George  |  April 1999
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has New York under his thumb, and he’s become one of the GOP’s rising stars. But as Giuliani ponders his next move, New Yorkers are starting to rebel against his rough-and-tumble tactics.

Taken Hostage

The Washington Post  |  February 21, 1999
In the Cellar. By Jan Philipp Reemtsma

The Secrets of Mississippi

The New Republic  |  December 21, 1998
Post-authoritarian shock in the South.

NASA’s Lack of Shuttle Diplomacy

The Washington Post  |  December 10, 1998
Dragonfly: Nasa and the Crisis Aboard Mir. By Bryan Burrough

Back to Bosnia

The New Republic  |  October 12, 1998
A war correspondent returns.

Moon at Twilight

The New Yorker  |  September 14, 1998
Amid scandal, the Unification Church has a strange new mission.

Destruction of Cultural Property

Crimes of War  |  August 1998
Definition of a War Crime

Willful Killing

Crimes of War  |  August 1998
Definition of a War Crime

Mission to Mars, 2008?

Wired  |  June 1998
Urine shakes, sweat lettuce, fecal wheat bread sandwiches.

It’s Risky to Talk Tough on Kosovo

The New York Times  |  March 10, 1998

The Fevers of Nationalism

Los Angeles Times  |  March 1, 1998
The Warrior’s Honor: Ethnic War and the Modern Conscience. By Michael Ignatieff

Messages From Mir

The New Yorker  |  October 20, 1997
How the mistakes made on the Russian space station bring us closer to Mars.

Welcome to Silicorn Valley

Wired  |  September 1997
Fairfield, Iowa is home to some of the wily callback companies that are now turning themselves into virtual phone companies to battle telco giants.

Love and Fury in the Balkans

The Washington Post  |  August 20, 1997
Montenegro. By Starling Lawrence

Righteous Wrath

The New York Times  |  July 14, 1997

Know Maass

Slate  |  July 10, 1997

Rwanda, the Sorrow and the Pity

The Washington Post  |  August 25, 1996
Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey. By Fergal Keane

Suddenly They Are Killers

The Washington Post  |  May 12, 1996

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