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Scenes from the Violent Twilight of Oil

Foreign Policy  |  September 8, 2009
It succors and drowns human life. And for the last eight years, oil — and the people and places that make it — was my obsession.

Who’s Africa’s Worst Leader?

Slate  |  June 24, 2008
Hint: It’s probably not Robert Mugabe

Road to Hell

The New Republic  |  January 31, 2005
Dispatch from the Niger Delta

A Touch of Crude

Mother Jones  |  January 2005
How the pursuit of oil is propping up the West African dictatorship of Teodoro Obiang.

Ayn Rand Comes to Somalia

The Atlantic  |  May 2001
In the absence of government bureaucracy and foreign aid, business is starting to boom in Mogadishu.

Death and Taxis

The Washington Post  |  December 24, 2000
This House Has Fallen: Midnight in Nigeria. By Karl Maier

The Accidental Warlord

Talk  |  December 2000
Hussein Aideed was counting potholes in Southern California when he was drafted to replace his father as leader of one of Somalia’s most feared militias. As Aideed is learning, life as a tribal chieftain isn’t what it used to be.

Mogadishu Dispatch

The New Republic  |  October 2, 2000
Tennis helps bring Somalia’s dead capital back to life.

Deadly Competition

Brill's Content  |  September 2000
As demand for war footage to air on the network news heats up, more journalists are taking chances in dangerous situations — and for two of them, the risks proved fatal.

The Horror

The Washington Post  |  August 27, 2000
Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan, and Rwanda. By Scott Peterson

Another Day in the Drop Zone

Outside  |  July 2000
They fly into lands of hunger and madness, dispensing food while warlords dispense terror from the barrel of a gun. They trade safety and comfort for the sharp edge of altruism, predictable careers for the daily bread of death and disease. They’re relief workers on the front lines–and once they’re hooked, they can never go home again.

Court Martial

The New Republic  |  March 13, 2000
An Islamic militia gains ground in Somalia.

James Nachtwey’s Inferno

George  |  December 1999
For more than a decade, photographer James Nachtwey has chronicled the war zones of the world—Rwanda, Bosnia and Chechnya among them. Now, a new book, Inferno, brings us his vision of hell on earth.

Rwanda, the Sorrow and the Pity

The Washington Post  |  August 25, 1996
Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey. By Fergal Keane


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