Articles by Peter Maass

category: Korea

Radioactive Nationalism

The New York Times Magazine  |  October 22, 2006
The risky maneuverings on the Korean peninsula

New Deal

The New Republic  |  December 22, 2003
On North Korea, the United States needs an alternative to the hawks’ belligerent rhetoric and the doves’ optimistic engagement. Fortunately, one is available.

The Last Emperor

The New York Times Magazine  |  October 19, 2003
Kim Jong Il, the world’s most dangerous dictator, has always been a figure surrounded by mystery and myth. But, from defectors and former aides, a portrait is emerging of family dysfunction, palace intrigue and imperial menace.

Open Sesame

The New Republic  |  June 12, 2000
North Korea opens up.

Moon at Twilight

The New Yorker  |  September 14, 1998
Amid scandal, the Unification Church has a strange new mission.

The Olympic Spirit Takes a Backseat to Politics

Sports Illustrated  |  June 26, 1989
South Korea Moves On