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Road to Hell

The New Republic  |  January 31, 2005
Dispatch from the Niger Delta

New Deal

The New Republic  |  December 22, 2003
On North Korea, the United States needs an alternative to the hawks’ belligerent rhetoric and the doves’ optimistic engagement. Fortunately, one is available.


The New Republic  |  May 3, 2003
Dispatch from Baghdad


The New Republic  |  March 31, 2003
Dispatch from Kuwait

Dirty War

The New Republic  |  November 2002
How America’s friends really fight terrorism.

Special Operations

The New Republic Online  |  December 15, 2001
How to change a tire in Kandahar.

Have It Your Way

The New Republic Online  |  June 29, 2001
Why the Bush administration should be thrilled about Macedonia.

Sin City

The New Republic  |  April 30, 2001
How the French became Puritans.

This Space for Rent

The New Republic Online  |  April 27, 2001
Dennis Tito is the Neil Armstrong of our time.

Ad Nauseum

The New Republic Online  |  March 7, 2001
Race and free speech at the Daily Californian.

Mogadishu Dispatch

The New Republic  |  October 2, 2000
Tennis helps bring Somalia’s dead capital back to life.

Open Sesame

The New Republic  |  June 12, 2000
North Korea opens up.

Court Martial

The New Republic  |  March 13, 2000
An Islamic militia gains ground in Somalia.

The Secrets of Mississippi

The New Republic  |  December 21, 1998
Post-authoritarian shock in the South.

Back to Bosnia

The New Republic  |  October 12, 1998
A war correspondent returns.


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