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A Jungle Eco-Battle

Outside  |  August 25, 2014
There are two sides to the story of the biggest environmental lawsuit ever, but a new book tells only one of them.


Outside  |  March 2007
Alan Dershowitz, meet Steven Donziger. On behalf of 30,000 inhabitants of Ecuador’s remote Oriente region, this New York lawyer is putting it to Big Oil. But will his multi-billion-dollar lawsuit establish a global precedent—or is he just looking for a scapegoat for one of the nastiest messes on earth?

The Race to Baghdad

Outside  |  July 2003
This spring, a quarter of a million Americans took a trip. It was noisy, hot, and violent. Accommodations were poor. Some of them didn’t come back.

Climbing Lessons from the School of Tomaz Humar

Outside  |  June 2002
#1 You must merge with the energy of the mountain. #2 That nagging headache may be an avalanche that crushed your tent. #3 You will ascend the most harrowing face in the Himalayas, alone. #4 Go home, break both legs, and start over again.

Another Day in the Drop Zone

Outside  |  July 2000
They fly into lands of hunger and madness, dispensing food while warlords dispense terror from the barrel of a gun. They trade safety and comfort for the sharp edge of altruism, predictable careers for the daily bread of death and disease. They’re relief workers on the front lines–and once they’re hooked, they can never go home again.

I Am Elena. You Will Fly Now.

Outside  |  July 1999
There, up there in the Arizona sky! It’s the cream of the once-mighty Soviet machine! Now pulling G’s at an airport near you.


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