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Situation Normal

Slate  |  July 18, 2008
What “Generation Kill” Gets Right About Iraq

Who’s Africa’s Worst Leader?

Slate  |  June 24, 2008
Hint: It’s probably not Robert Mugabe

Salam Pax Is Real

Slate  |  June 2, 2003
How do I know Baghdad’s famous blogger exists? He worked for me.

Camp Taliban

Slate  |  November 20, 2001
The strange last days of the mullahs in black turbans.

Do You Know the Way to Paradise?

Slate  |  October 4, 2001
Terrorism, suicide and the Quran.

Pakistan’s Everyday Dangers

Slate  |  September 28, 2001
The unnoticed perils of working in the Third World.

A New Theory From Pakistan

Slate  |  September 23, 2001
The Mossad and 9/11. A dispatch from Peshawar.

Macedonia Diary

Slate  |  September 13, 2001
Dispatches from Skopje

Diary From Belgrade

Slate  |  October 2000
Five days in Serbia’s turbulent capital.

Know Maass

Slate  |  July 10, 1997


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