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November 10, 2010  |  permalink

8 Magazine’s Issue on Oil

If you want to see the best collection of oil photos from around the world that I’ve ever seen, pick up the current issue of 8 Magazine. True, the “Empire” chapter of Crude World is excerpted in the issue, but that’s honestly not why I’m touting it. The pictures, from photographers like Christopher Anderson, Ed Kashi, Rena Effendi, Christian Lutz and Kael Alford, are tremendous. The issue’s cover photo was shot by Lutz and shows the 2009 New Year’s Eve party at the Lagos Yacht Club.

Crude World by Peter Maass Crude World by Peter Maass

A look at oil’s indelible impact on the countries that produce it and the people who possess it.

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Love Thy Neighbor by Peter Maass Love Thy Neighbor by Peter Maass

Dispatches from the war in Bosnia, published in 1996 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

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