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March 10, 2014  |  permalink

The NSA Has An Advice Columnist. Seriously.

Just a quick note to say that my latest article, about the National Security Agency’s advice columnist, has been published at The Intercept. Yes, the NSA has an advice columnist—she goes by the pen name “Zelda” and she answers all kinds of questions, from the mundane (officemates who talk too much or smell badly, or someone stealing sodas from a communal fridge) to the intriguing, such as, My boss is spying on me (which is kind of ironic at a spy agency). It’s an amusing story with a serious edge. Zelda’s column on the spying boss reads like an unintended allegory – or a cleverly masked one—in which the NSA’s advice columnist explores the ways in which pervasive surveillance can erode freedom of expression and social cohesion by making it difficult for people to have faith in the privacy of their communications.

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