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CBS News Coverage of the Statue Falling

Lara Logan reports for CBS News on the statue being toppled.

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Fox News Coverage of the Statue Falling

Here’s a two-minute clip of Fox’s coverage of the statue being torn down.

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ProPublica Video About the Toppling

My story about the toppling was helped along by two generous and wonderful non-profit institutions. Most of the research was conducted while I was a fellow at the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard. The story was written with support from ProPublica, which produces investigative journalism in the public interest. I also worked with ProPublica on a three-minute video that explains some of the key points of the story. Here it is.

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Two Days Before Firdos, Another Toppling

Two days before the statue of Saddam was toppled at Firdos Square, Army troops who had seized control of the Republican Palace were ordered by their commander, Col. David Perkins, to find a statue of Saddam that could be destroyed. Once one was found—Saddam on horseback—the troops were told to wait until an embedded crew from Fox TV arrived. Click here to read an account of this from Jason Conroy, who wrote about it in his memoir, “Heavy Metal: A Tank Company’s Battle to Baghdad.” An amateur video of that toppling has been posted on youtube.

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The Weightlifter at the Statue

For the BBC’s story on weightlifter Khadim al-Jubouri, click here.

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Sky News on Marines Entering Firdos

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‘Control Room’ On Firdos Square

The documentary “Control Room” featured several Al Jazeera journalists who said the toppling was planned in advance by the U.S. military, to the extent that people were brought to the square to participate in the event. Click here to view that scene from “Control Room.”

About The Toppling by Peter Maass

On April 9, 2003, American Marines toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein at Firdos Square in Baghdad. Broadcast across the world, the event symbolized what was thought to be an American victory in Iraq. My reconstruction, written with support from ProPublica and the Shorenstein Center, was published in The New Yorker. This section contains documents, photos, videos and links related to the story.

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